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For some, finding true purpose is a mountain climb, two buses, and a train ride away. For others, the light bulb moment just wakes them up one day on they’re on their way to greatness. For Troika though, purpose came from the one pillar in life that is decided for us long before we start living - family.

What’s in a story, though? How does the story develop authenticity? More to the point, how does such a story create that trusting feeling that customers crave?

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Troika, a namesake stemming from our founder’s father, is a symbol of this company’s greatest motivation. No matter what we’re providing to the public, whether that be kitchenware, home decor, pet supplies, or baby gear, we’re doing everything with family at the forefront.

We’re not just a supplier for household products, we’re a family looking to make a real difference in our community and the way we all shop.


Family is the entire reason we’re here, and we’re sure it’s why you’ve come to us as well! We’re excited to help you create a home for your people.


Consumerism is becoming a huge problem for the environment, especially packaging products. We’re providing a more Eco-friendly option to save the earth and keep up with your home’s demands.


Our care for families, communities, and homes is authentic because it’s why we exist. That’s why we work to make a positive impact on other communities and our environment outside of just bringing your home great products.

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