Why Troika?

What is Troika doing? 

The growing industry of online shopping and all things eCommerce has not been kind to our environment. The plastic, cardboard, paper, and other waste is overflowing our landfills, trashing our oceans, and endangering our wildlife.

At Troika, we’re pioneering a new way to shop. Rather than march against this global monster of an industry, we’re providing an affordable option that doesn’t harm our planet in the process. The first phase of this fresh alternative is a switch to biodegradable packages and a sustainable paper tape that won’t float through the oceans for decades to come. We can’t change the world overnight, but by doing our part to work towards a new standard in the eCommerce industry, we can make our way to a more sustainable future for everyone.

What is Kraft tape? 

Kraft paper is made from cardboard and its known for its durability and a more Eco-friendly options in tape choices.


Why brown boxes? 

Keeping it simple! Brown cardboard boxes are the way.


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What is void fill? 

“void fill” to refer to any cushioning, padding or paper you add to your shipping package in order to protect your goods in transit the sustainable way.



The mindset to try to help reduce plastic waste for our earth.

Reinforced Kraft paper

Our tape is made from reinforced Kraft paper to provide optimal security for your shipments.

Eco-friendly & recyclable

Our tape is made from a Kraft paper to make recycling your boxes easier..

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